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Who Are Those People?

I realized recently that I’d never taken the time on this blog to identify all the people in the photo at the top of the page. For those of you who read my posts in email, just click through to … Continue reading

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Fjord Focus

I’ll start this post by saying we could be related to the Olsen twins. Or intrepid Daily Planet photojournalist Jimmy Olsen. Okay, never mind the Olsen twins. A quick Google search shows they have Danish ancestry and their last name … Continue reading

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Memories of “Corny”

My dad, Henry Neil Murphy, died of a heart attack in January of 1994. A few months after his death, his older sister, my Aunt Helene, sent a couple of pages worth of memories from when they were young, growing … Continue reading

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Passbook Savings in 1934

An interesting keepsake from Peggy’s family is pictured here. This is a passbook savings register that belonged to her grandfather, Earl Leo Morrison. At first glance, it’s pretty unremarkable. But, then, check out the dates inside. The account was opened … Continue reading

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