Almost Lizzie?

Missouri Birth Record for Katherine Antoinette Singler 1894Just a quick post as a followup to the previous entry about Grandma Reinhardt. The Registry of Births for the City of St. Louis in 1894 records her birth on October 11 to Jacob and Sophia Foerstel Singler, living at 817 S. 4th Street.

Take a close look at the child’s name on the registry (No. 9318 on the right-hand page). It was originally recorded as Lizzie Singler. The name Lizzie was scratched out and you can just make out the name Katherine Antoinette written above the scratched-out Lizzie.

My guess is that it was a mistake by the registrar rather than a change of mind by her parents. Glancing at some of the other entries on the page, you can see that there are a few other corrections made in a similar fashion.

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