Welcome! Glad you stopped by. On this blog I plan to post news, thoughts and interesting findings as I trace our family tree. My focus will be on the main families from the perspective of my kids, Colin and Liam. So, you’ll most likely see news about Murphy/Olsen/Latchford/Blakeley or Reinhardt/Singler/Morrison/Gibbons. Branches off of those families are on my radar and I’ll include notes on them as well when found.

I’ve been at it since early September 2010. It’s fun and I find myself spending almost too much time in front of the computer. I’ll try to keep my interest up and this blog going as long as I can. I won’t promise any post frequency. But I find myself wanting to tell someone when I find something cool, so expect more frequent posts as I get going.

Please feel free to comment and contribute anything you can in the way of family history I might be missing or photos and documents. Just register to get a user name and then comment or contribute. I’m building the tree on Ancestry.com and will eventually make it public so that you can see the progress.

Thanks in advance for any info you can contribute. Email me at hughmurphy@verizon.net with any info, photos, documents, etc. or just comment and I’ll monitor and respond.


2 Responses to About

  1. George P. Latchford Jr. says:

    Hey Hugh, cousin Latch here from Long Island New York signing on! Had a question that you might know? Any information on William Latchford’s family(our Great Grandfather) from Ireland. Did he have brothers or sisters, parents etc. from Cork Ireland? I am trying to possibly tie in the Latchford’s in Missouri clan to us, possibly in the Ireland generations before they came to US. thanks for the help. all good here, Miss our parents and aunts and uncles!

    • Hi, Latch. I spoke with Aunt Mary this afternoon and she told me of your conversation. My research so far has been almost exclusively limited to the family after they arrived in the U.S. On a weekend in which Ancestry.com offered free global records access, I was able to find an index (Ireland, Civil Registration Marriages Index, 1845-1958) that records the 1885 marriage of William Latchford to Kate Burke in Cork, Ireland. Here’s the info that appears in the record:

      Name: William Latchford
      Date of Registration: Jan-Feb-Mar 1885
      Registration district: Cork
      Volume: 5
      Page Number: 142
      FHL Film Number: 101255
      Records on Page:
      Ellen O’Leary
      Mary Murphy
      Kate Burke
      Edward Breen
      William Latchford
      Michael Horgan
      Eugene Jos M’Carthy
      Catherine Walsh

      I also was able to find an index (Ireland, Select Marriages, 1619-1898) that records the November 9, 1861, marriage of Francis Latchford to Eliza Cassels at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Limerick, Ireland. I believe that Francis and Eliza were the parents of William Latchford. Note that the name of Francis’s father (Charles Latchford) is included in this record. Here’s the info that appears in the record:

      Name: Francis Latchford
      Gender: Male
      Age: 40
      Birth Date: 1821
      Marriage Date: 9 Nov 1861
      Marriage Place: St Mary, Lim, Ire
      Father: Charles Latchford
      Spouse: Eliza Cassels
      FHL Film Number: 101427
      Reference ID: 2:3KS403W

      Unfortunately, there was no information about children or siblings in either record. I hope to reach a point in the near future at which I can expand my research to additional records from Ireland, but for now I’m concentrating on records in the U.S.

      I know what you mean about missing our parents, aunts and uncles. It almost feels like I’m spending some lost time with them when I sit down to research the family. Keep in touch. I’ll let you know if I find any connection between our Latchfords and the Missouri Latchfords.

      Best to you and yours,


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