NYPD Blue: George Benedict Latchford

I had a nice dinner tonight with my brothers Brian and Mike (thanks Mike for picking up the tab) and my Aunt Mary Latchford Kennedy. Mary is in town for the wedding of Brian’s daughter Colleen. We had a great time catching up and discussing family, old and new.

New York City Police Officer George Benedict Latchford newly graduated from the academy around 1928

New York City Police Officer George Benedict Latchford newly graduated from the academy around 1926

While at Brian’s house, I borrowed this photo that he has on his living room mantel. It pictures my grandfather George Benedict Latchford (my mom and Aunt Mary’s dad). The photo was taken not long after he became a NYC policeman.

He had a long career with the NYPD, retiring in 1958. According to Aunt Mary, during his career grandpa was a plainclothes detective patrolling the Times Square, Radio City Music Hall and Madison Square Garden area. He chased peddlers from the area and watched for perverts around the ice skating rink. He also was part of details protecting celebrities, including Frank Sinatra and Gypsy Rose Lee.

Before retiring, he worked in the statistical records section near police headquarters at Center Street. His badge number was 13246.

Patrolman Latchford helps apprehend a fur thief

Patrolman Latchford helps question a suspected fur thief

I’ll end with this newspaper clipping from the New York Daily News, Tuesday, October 19, 1926, reporting the story of a quick-witted taxi driver foiling the theft of $75,000 worth of furs. My grandfather is pictured with a fellow NYPD patrolman, an NYPD detective and suspected fur thief, Robert Gilroy.

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